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Gay Rape Games – Online Bdsm Gay Games

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Gay Rape Games Is Coming With The Extreme BDSM Action

There are two types of BDSM games on the web. You get the games with bondage and some impact play, and then you get the games that are on our site. Gay Rape Games is the dirtiest collection of hardcore sex games on the web, covering all the dark sides of the dom/sub fantasies. We give you games played from both sites. You can fulfill your urge to dominate slaves or you can be the slave who gets to live his biggest fears in dark sex adventures. The collection that we are offering on this site is not for everyone. As the name strongly suggests, these games can be easily offensive for some people. That’s why before we go any further with the presentation of our site, I must extend a warning. Do not enter this site if you are vanilla. What you see here might scar your soul. But if you are in control of your emotions and your sexuality, then you should dive right in this dark virtual sex world in which everything is possible.

When I say everything is possible, I really mean it. Some of the kinks and fantasies that can be achieved on this site can’t be put into practice in real life encounters because of the limitations imposed on us by the laws of physics. But thanks to the power of the virtual world, and especially thanks to the new generation of HTML5 games, things that only lived in our imagination can now be experienced in interactive gay gaming.

The Many BDSM Games We Bring You

The collection of Gay Rape Games doesn’t come only with rape fantasy games, but we do have many of them. We have rape games that are featuring a text-based gameplay, in which you can feel all the emotions of the main character who is getting forcefully fucked. But we also have more graphic explicit games in which you can play as the character getting chased or the chaser. There are some gang rape gay games here and even some games with anthro and furry creatures, including a centaur gangbang with horse dicks fucking a tight twink.

But as mentioned, there’s more to this collection than just rape fantasies. The master simulators that we have will give you lots of liberty over all kinds of slaves. You will have to hunt them down, train them and break their spirit until they become your loyal sex slaves. The more you level up your avatar, the crazier things you can make your slaves do. Impact play is maybe the most vanilla thing that happens in these games. They also come with fisting, crazy toy insertions, and lots of cock and balls torture.

Another category of hardcore sex games that is appreciated on our site is featuring fantasies about fucking straight guys. These games are pretty interesting and they are mostly played by the straight guys who are coming here to please their bicurious fantasies.

Graphics So Realistic You’ll Feel Sorry For The Sex Slaves

The kinks and fantasies that are featured in these games wouldn’t be as offensive if it wasn’t for the advanced graphics that are making the characters so realistic. On top of that, some of these games are coming with sound engines that are syncing the screams and sex sound effects so well on the action. If you play these games with no headphones, chances are neighbors will call the police on you thinking you’re actually murdering someone in your home.

Although all the games of our site are working perfectly on any device and you’ll enjoy gameplay directly in your browser, if you want to get the best of it, we recommend playing them on your computer with the lights off. The dark color scheme of this type of games and look best on a big screen and the immersion effect you’ll feel will be out of this world.

Because we offer such sensitive content, you should know one more thing about our site. We are also offering complete safety and discretion. We never ask for any personal info, so that you won’t leave any traces of your presence here, and our servers are efficiently encrypted. Just what you need to enjoy the darkest corners of your sexuality.

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